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Yoga Refine Regular Class Offer

Practising yoga is a journey that can take a lifetime. Completing the RYT-200-hour instructor course is like having a map to help us understand where we are, foresee our future, where we can go, and so on. Through the "map" obtained in the RYT-200, with continuous practice, step by step we follow our "Yoga Path". We offer graduates a discount to purchase packages, with freedom to choose different "directions" and continue practising, and freely try different "paths", for everyone to continue working hard and walking our "Yoga Path" together. How to Purchase

Yoga Refine Rental Offer

In order for graduates to continue practising after graduation and actively engaging in yoga teaching, the school specially provides various renting plans for graduates of the school. Whether it is used for practice, graduate students’ group practice, non-profit teaching, private class, or group course, etc, discounts are given to graduates in all aspects of renting. 

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Personal Website Page

Introduction page for graduates- We provide different channels of publicity for graduates of each class. With more than 10,000 hits per month, we especially set up a group page on our website for our graduates to gather the information and contact information of each student for exposure. There is also a personal page to enhance the profile of the teacher, including your resume and weekly lesson schedule for uploading. If you are interested in joining the page, please provide: 1. A horizontal photo 2. Graduation date 3. 80 to 85 words of self-introduction 4. Facebook, IG, Twitter, Google Plus links.

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Rental Discount in HK

A questionnaire survey once concluded that finding a venue is one of the biggest difficulties for a new teacher. The school believes that teaching benefits both teachers and students. Regardless of graduates teachings friends or teaching professionally, it is believed that looking for a venue is one of the biggest problems. Yoga Refine tries to help. Everyone is looking for rental discounts/ information in various districts, including those who have opened a studio after graduation, to fight for the best rental plan for everyone in Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories, so that graduates can find suitable venues more smoothly.

Promote your yoga activities for free

We encourage newly graduated yoga teachers to use the skills you have learned to promote yoga, but we also understand that students often encounter many difficulties when they start, such as not knowing how to promote themselves. We encourage students to organise some yoga activities, (such as two-person yoga, special themed yoga activities, and even charity yoga activities, etc) to take your first step. All you need to do is to give us the content and details of the event, and we will make a comprehensive promotion for your event and share it on YogaRefine / Forallyoga's Facebook and IG pages to help increase the exposure of your event.

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RYT-200 TTC  Referral Program

The RYT-200-hour teaching training course is like an opening door to the world of yoga, allowing us to truly understand and learn yoga. We believe every student who has completed the 200-hour course also feel the same way. While we are using yoga to infect people around us, if you have a friend who likes yoga, you are welcome to lead them into the door of this yoga world. For graduates who introduce a new student to participate in the school’s RYT-200 yoga instructor training course, the graduate and the new student will each receive 5 free credits for regular Yoga Refine classes or other credit-deductible classes. We hope that the graduates can accompany their friend to grow together.

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YamaYama 50% off

YamaYama is a British brand, offering a unique style of Yoga Apparel and Yoga Tools that are at the cutting edge of today's yoga lifestyle. The clothing is made for all shapes and sizes, women and men, YamaYama redefines traditional definitions of yoga style of Mats, Towels, Apparel and Yoga Tools. Designed for your every moment from the studio and everyday use. YamaYama is leading the way on creating a modern and traditional infused style of yoga industry-leading products. 


The design concept of HAKA comes from the ethnic costumes worn by Maori people when dancing. It draws inspiration from the strong features of geometric lines to understand her natural relationship with the surroundings and shape these geometric lines into a beauty that follows the natural contours of her body. This is the life attitude that HAKA hopes to advocate. It is hoped that women wearing HAKA ACTIVE will also use this attitude to face life, different worlds, and the same dream. Pre-registration is required before claiming the discount. After registration, you will receive an exclusive discount code. Contact Us

EASYOGA 10% off

The sportswear brand easyoga has maintained a belief since its establishment in 2002. It takes the promotion of sports and activities and the concept of environmental sustainability as the brand core; takes self-fashion, green concept and professional design as its brand value, and is widely used in Japanese and Korean supermodels and sports Loved by celebrities, successfully penetrated into Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Norway and other places, becoming the leading fashion brand in the Asian sports and leisure market. Through the continuous promotion and marketing of global flagship pavilions and partners, we hope to create a free and happy atmosphere of [Life is Made by Yoga-Yoga to be].

Aromatherapy Treatment 15% off

‘‘Seraphim’’ In Hebrew, it means "healer" or "guardian angel". SC_Aromatherapy hopes to let the public know more about "aromatherapy" and have a deeper understanding of aromatizers. In the world of thousands of flowers and plants, they can learn more about the power of nature, heal themselves and soothe the body and mind. Instructed by certified aromatherapy therapists and yoga instructors, natural plant essential oils combined with aromatherapy massage techniques, plus simple yoga movements, allow students to experience different aroma messages; advocates to learn to use essential oils safely, so that essential oil molecules can be used in the body and mind The best curative effect is to use natural ingredients to help you regulate your body, improve your physique, and relax your body and mind.

Cadillac Bar & Grill 10% off

Cadillac is located in Hysan Place in Causeway Bay. It is a Mexican American restaurant and bar with wide comfortable indoor seating and open-air gardens. Cadillac's food design is based on "Tijuana (Tijuana) to Los Angeles Road" as the mainstay. It gathers food along the way from Tijuana, Mexico to Los Angeles, USA. The menu is divided into "Northern Border" and "Southern Border" sections. Among them, you will find innovative Mexican food such as mini beef tartare tacos, sea urchin fried pork skin. And classic dishes such as burritos and assorted grilled meat platters. A selection of margaritas and other cocktails (including bubble milk tea cocktails), as well as various beers and red and white wine choices. Since the colorful lights drive Cadillac to become the holy place for Happy Hour after work, there is no reason not to have a drink on this open-air platform. The relaxed and comfortable atmosphere makes you can relax and have a drink!  

Terms of Use: Students must pre-book to enjoy the 10% discount. The discount cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts. 

Little Creatures 20% off

Australia’s little angel, Little Creatures, combines a brewery and a restaurant. Guests can not only drink fresh beer, but also taste the dishes prepared by the chef. If you want to meet friends and drink, compared to the bustling Causeway Bay in Central, Little Creatures, located on New Praya Street in Western District, has a first-class atmosphere, and the interior decoration is very personal and relaxing. The restaurant also has wine-making equipment. One after another iron pipes are connected to large beer cans, just like visiting a brewery. They brew their own beer with brewing equipment in the store. Little Crestures is an Australian beer company, and Hong Kong is their first overseas store. 

Terms of Use: Students must pre-book to enjoy the 20% discount. Show a photo of your certificate when seated. The discount cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts. 

RPYT 85-Hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

This is a series of complete and unique yoga instructor training courses for pregnant women, including Part 1-Prenatal Yoga Exercises for Pregnant Women and Part 2-Prenatal Yoga Postnatal Repairs for Pregnant Women, to help you understand the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, childbirth and baby birth. You can learn the latest modern science and yoga-related practical skills from pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum, have a deep understanding of how to evaluate and choose suitable yoga movements, fully understand the contraindications during pregnancy, the health needs of pregnant women before and after childbirth, and integrate existing teaching Skills are further improved and practiced, and they are familiar with the changes from body to mind at all stages and levels, so as to safely and effectively help and support pregnant women and novice moms during pregnancy and postpartum. The most important thing is to provide pregnant students with a positive perspective. Pregnancy and childbirth mentality.More Information

Yoga Wheel Workshop

How to properly improve the control wheel and posture balance ability, coordination and principle. The technical practice and moderate transformation of yoga asanas and chakras. Evaluate and analyze how dynamic and wheel yoga asanas can improve the function and stability of postural balance. Introduce how students use the yoga wheel to open up a new experience of body movements and a more diversified way to explore and inspire the fusion of softness and strength. The yoga wheel enhances the difficulty of asanas such as back bends, handstands, balance, support, and weight bearing. You can also strengthen exercises that are difficult to achieve, and find stable strength in balance movements.More Informatio




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Wyane 頌缽治療屬於音樂治療(Music Therapy)


Vanessa - 《一分鐘瑜伽》- Cobra (眼鏡蛇式)