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What yoga right for you?

Yoga cannot be simply called a fitness regime. Yogas' unique feature is that it can be practiced at any time. To a lot of people yoga has become a way of life. For example, sitting quietly, controlling your breathing and meditating, not becoming distracted with the noise of the environment around you, that is yoga; when you do your yoga practice, focus on this, that is yoga.

When you sleep, you can put aside today's worries and fear of tomorrow and fall asleep quietly. This is yoga. The yoga asanas we learn in yoga classes are to help us enter the life of yoga, and should not be regarded as just yoga asanas.


Only a person who is willing to integrating the correct way of yoga into their daily life can truly enjoy the joy of yoga and feel the changes that yoga brings to their life. Treating yoga asanas as yoga only implies that they do not fully understand yoga. This makes some people become only focused on practicing yoga asanas only, rather than true yogis who correctly practice yoga.


Yoga cannot be simply called a kind of exercise. This is gradually recognised by many yoga practitioners, but there are still many confused people practicing yoga today. If you only practice asanas, without the yoga mindset this is not the right way.  How would you choose your yoga?



Practicing yoga will hurt?

First of all, let's look at ourselves, what kind of pain does my body produce when I practice yoga? Is the pain endured right?
Is my yoga practice really correct?


Some statements about the pain of yoga practice may sometimes make us treat our bodies without analysis, such as:

(When practicing yoga, people often feel painful and unbearable, but all you need to do is take a deep breath, endure it and then overcome it. Yoga is actually a metaphor for life.)

There are many such statements, and we often choose to implement them without thinking in the painful moment.

Enduring the pain and taking a deep breath, it is difficult to calm my mind: "Should I still endure the pain of this practice?" "My pain is always there. Is my yoga exercise really correct?" Some people even began to doubt, Does the practice of yoga bring me nothing but pain? "

In fact, there is no problem with these statements, and yoga practice will not bring us pain. The problem is that we have not distinguished between the right pain and the wrong pain. In yoga, not all pain is correct.

Master Iyengar once explained in the book "Glory of Life":

The right pain is not only constructive, but also exciting and challenging; the wrong pain is both destructive and extremely painful. The right pain is for our growth and for the transformation of our body and mind. The right pain is a gradual, extended, and strengthened body sensation; the wrong pain is often far beyond the body’s existing capabilities. In addition, if you feel some kind of constant pain, and it continues to increase with practice, it may be wrong pain.

The first problem that every beginner in yoga has to face is pain, even those who have a certain foundation will have pain when doing certain asanas. But the pain we are talking about here is what we can perceive and control, not pain.


We should realise that the "right pain" in yoga is healthy pain. Because of the pain, the muscles, joints and spine can be well stimulated, the nerves can be activated, and the blood circulation can be improved.

There are many "wrong pains", which may occur in the wrists, shoulders, necks, muscles, etc. Today, we will tell you about the pain of the spine.

When you have soreness, numbness, swelling, and pain in your head, neck, shoulders, chest, waist, and legs, it indicates that your spine has problems.

Many people practice yoga for many years, but low back pain, knee and cervical spine problems still exist. In other words, the exercise has never corrected and stretched the spine, and even has been compressing and abrading the cartilage between the spine.

The 31 pairs of nerves of the human body respectively penetrate through the intervertebral foramen of the spine and penetrate the whole body, regulating the normal physiological activities of the human body. As long as there is a slight misalignment or misalignment between the bones, it will cause tension and disorder of the surrounding normal soft tissues, and the corresponding limbs will have pain, numbness, cold and other discomfort symptoms.

Headache, dizziness, decreased vision, neck stiffness, dreams, insomnia, thirst, upset, tinnitus, deafness, chest tightness, and shortness of breath may occur in the early stage; in the more severe cases, there may be scapular soreness, waist and knee weakness, general fatigue, and slow response. , Abdominal pain, difficulty urinating, constipation, diarrhoea, etc. Over time, the meridians will be further blocked, the condition will be further aggravated, and the physiological function will gradually decline, accelerating the ageing process of the human body, and even causing cancer.

If each spine is in its normal position, then the entire spine exhibits two forward bends (cervical and lumbar) and two backward bends (thoracic and sacral). When the curvature of the spine is good-the places that should be bent and the places that should be straight are straight, people are less likely to get sick; if the physical curvature of the spine changes, the body will often fall into sub-health or chronic diseases.

In most cases, as long as you straighten the misaligned spine, the symptoms will gradually disappear. Similarly, when an organ is unhealthy, the abnormality can also be found on the spine, and the root of the disease can be removed directly through the maintenance of the spine.

We should be grateful that
yoga has given us such a rich experience and painful experience,
and a heart of self-reflection, so that
we will not be submerged or become more impetuous in this bustling city.




Yoga makes people live in the moment with a smile

Practicing yoga is not to surpass others or have ego, but to perfect yourself. Practicing yoga don't worry about not being able to do every asana, concentrate, and take your time practicing and learning correctly. The wonderful thing about practicing yoga lies in fully accepting everything about yourself. The essence of practicing yoga is to understand each moment with your mind, body, and soul. Practicing yoga will accumulate beneficial healthy process, and through the correct yoga regime eventually will lead to a correct yoga path suitable for self-training.


Living in the present, feeling the present" may be the most realistic explanation of yoga. The practice of yoga asanas aims to maintain a healthy and energetic body and feel the harmony between body and mind. When you don’t clear your subconscious mind, your subconscious mind will definitely, be messy and chaotic in your fast-moving world. We help you to clean up your mind. We will use yoga practice to clean the bad toxins within your body and mind, through a period of yoga practice, to connect your inner self, and improve your health.


In fact, this kind of yoga stretching practice is in our life, for example, if you are tired at work, you will stand up and stretch your body and stretch your waist, but this action is temporary only, you are not aware what yoga can help you in the long term. If you are exercising in the office, and not correctly standing up and stretching when you feel weak or in pain, yoga can help your body and mind in a correct manner. Yoga tells you this. It is yoga. Yoga is a practice to control the body and mind. The purpose is to make people obtain peace of body control and health. When you can make good use of yoga in your current life, you will become a master of yoga. Yoga is spiritual, physical exercise is to exercise and control your spirituality, including personal consciousness, emotions, temper, etc. Therefore, we practice yoga as a person, not as a person just doing asanas and flows. Learn to control your emotions, and you can naturally control the bad habits in your life. There is a saying in yoga: sweating is not yoga, yoga is about conscious self-control, let yoga help you know yourself, let yoga change you to become healthy and wiser.