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ForAllYoga was established in 2009, originally a yoga online radio program, which was our message before the development of our online and offline yoga platform. 

The original online radio program was called ForAllYoga - when the founder had just graduated from the yoga mentor class, they were full of enthusiasm and gratitude for yoga, and began to volunteer to record yoga talks; "ForAllYoga". The purpose was to share the fun of yoga with the public, and hope their radio show would also help yoga enthusiasts practice correctly and safely, and thus benefit from yoga, as much as they do. 

Yoga makes us all feel a huge body and mind change for the better. Through yoga practice, they realised the feeling of living in the present, and unconsciously learn to be grateful and contented, to become more and happier, and realise the joy deep within the heart; 

Through yoga practice, they become more and more determined and strong, and will have enough courage to face the difficulties and challenges of life without fear of setbacks;

Through yoga practice, our hearts are calmed, and our hearts become softer and softer, naturally tending to care for others and love life.

 We are especially grateful to the many guest teachers who have been obligated to accept our visits since the radio show started, to share their personal yoga experiences, and to touch the heart and minds of their listeners 

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ForAllYoga's two-way yoga brands include Hong Kong Yoga Academy, a yoga alliance accredited by the Yoga Alliance, and Yoga Refine, a high-end yoga class in Causeway Bay.