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While modern media and advertising may have us think that yoga is all about physical poses, the entirety of yoga includes a wide range of contemplative and self-disciplinary practices, such as meditation, chanting, mantra, prayer, breath work, ritual, and even selfless action. The scientific research into yoga’s benefits is still somewhat preliminary, but much of the evidence so far supports what practitioners seem to have known for millennia : Yoga is incredibly beneficial to our overall well-being. 

ForAllYoga was established in 2009, originally an online yoga radio program, before the development of our online and offline yoga platform.  The purpose of "ForAllYoga" was to share lots more of health benefits to involve and share the benefits with others, integrated community dedicated to helping people lead a happier, balanced 360˚ healthy lifestyle.

- Through yoga practice, we experience the feeling of living in the moment, and begins to become appreciative, so we can feel contentment within ourselves, to understand inner joy.

- Through yoga practice, we grow to be stronger and more courageous to face the difficulties and challenges of life, not to be afraid of setbacks.

- Through yoga practice, our mind becomes steady, our heart softens, making us tending to naturally love others and life.  

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you our prestigious guests, who shared their personal yoga experiences and stories to our audiences, such a precious gift to all of us. Namaste

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We now have 2 yoga brands under ForAllYoga including Hong Kong Yoga Academy, a Yoga Alliance accredited Registered Yoga School, and Yoga Refine, a high-end yoga studios in Hong Kong.