RPYT 85-Hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training


RPYT-85 Hours Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training





  • Part 1- Prenatal Yoga Training
  • 29/4/2023, 6,13,20,27/5/2023, 3/6/2023 ( Early-Bird before 10/4/2023 $7520)
  • Time: 8:30am-11:30am, 1:00pm-5:00pm
  • Original Price:$8480
  • Capacity:15
  • Language:Cantonese

Course Description:

This is a series of complete and unique pregnant yoga teacher training courses, including Part 1-Prenatal Yoga Training and Part 2-Postnatal Yoga Training. The course helps you understand the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, childbirth and the birth process. You will learn the latest modern science and yoga-related practical skills during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. The course helps develop in-depth understanding of how to evaluate and choose the right suitable yoga movements, as well as movements with contraindications for pregnant women. You will be able to understand the health needs of pregnant women before and after delivery, and integrate the latest teaching methods to improve your skills and practice, and understanding the changes from body to mind at all levels and stages, then help and support pregnant and novice mums safely and effectively during the postpartum period of pregnancy with a chosen safe yoga practice. The most important thing is to provide pregnant students with a positive and confident mentality for their upcoming childbirth. 


Part 1- Prenatal Yoga Training

  • Explore the physical and mental conditions of pregnant women, the correct exercises and support for pregnant women, and advice on preparation for delivery
  • Evaluate and design framework for prenatal yoga classes
  • How childbirth anatmoy helps pregnant women into the ideal delivery position
  • Physiology- soothes nausea during pregnancy and improves wellbeing
  • Learn yoga teaching techniques for pregnant women and in which allows the student to think independently and assess how to get pregnant women into a safe yoga practice lesson
  • Learn how to help pregnant women maintain a healthy and strong pelvis
  • The teaching method of correct breathing during pregnancy and childbirth
  • How to reduce oedema during pregnancy.
  • Relieve a pregnant woman's back tension and chest discomfort before and after delivery.


Yoga instructors, yoga instructor trainees, or medical professionals who are interested in learning more about pregnant yoga and want to become a professional Prenatal Yoga Instructor.

**After attending and completing the entire course, you will be awarded your "Prenatal Yoga 40-Hour Training Course" certificate issued by Hong Kong Yoga Academy, which is officially certified by the Yoga Alliance CEU (Continue Education Unit) Certificate. 

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  • Part 2- Postnatal Yoga Training
  • Date : 9,16,23/9/2023, 7,14,21/10/2023( Early-Bird before 12/8 $7520)
  • Time: 10:00am-12:00am, 1:30pm-6:00pm
  • Original Price:$8480
  • Capacity:15
  • Language:Cantonese


Part 2- Postnatal Yoga Training

  • Postpartum Repair Pelvic Adjustment and Orientation Techniques
  • Postpartum Yoga to restore the physical and mental state of postpartum women
  • How to grasp the guidance of postpartum gold slimming period
  • Instruction for Postpartum Yoga Course
  • How to adjust the posture method and the use of assistive devices for postpartum students 
  • Postpartum Appropriate Asana Teaching and Safety Guidance and Curriculum Design  
  • Taboos and principles of postpartum yoga
  • Evaluation of postpartum recovery rectus abdominis and how to repair it

** After attending and completing the entire course, you will be awarded with the "Prenatal Yoga 40-Hour Training Course" certificate issued by Hong Kong Yoga Academy, which is officially recognised as the Yoga Alliance Continuing Education. 

TTC Part 1

    ** This course complies with the Yoga Alliance 85-hour RPYT standard. Participants who have completed Part 1 Prenatal Yoga Training & Part 2 Postnatal Yoga Training and passed the assessment will receive the US Yoga Alliance RPYT-85 hours pregnant Yoga Teacher Training Teacher Certificate (200RYT students who have registered with the Yoga Alliance can re-register for Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher-PRYT certification)

    **  Part 1, 2  are recognised as the US Yoga Alliance Continuing Education

    Full Course Early-Bird$12900  WhatsApp Us  


    About the Teacher

    In 1999, Karen started training in Bikram yoga and traditional Hatha yoga. In 2005, she went to Mysuru in India to begin practising ashtanga with Guruji and Sharath Jois. She continues to head back to Mysuru to practise with Sharathji almost every year. Alex Medin has been Karen's main Ashtanga teacher when she is out of India. Ana Forrest and Paul Grilley have also been her inspiring teachers in her yoga path. Furthermore, she also joined Tiwari Ji for pranayama practice and traditional detox training with other Indian masters. In 2010, she began her prenatal and postnatal training in Australia with different experienced teachers and became a Flyoga master after training in 2012.