100 Hours Asana Advanced Technique


100 Hours Asana Advanced Technique





Introduction :

Whether you are a graduate of RYT-200 or someone with some yoga experience, if you find yourself at a plateau in your yoga journey and feel that there is room for improvement in certain fundamental aspects of your practice, especially in terms of muscle strength and stability, this is an opportunity to explore essential techniques for breaking through barriers in your asana practice. It's a chance to deeply experience and enhance the conditioning and growth that each pose offers, building a solid foundation for your yoga practice and facing the challenges of advanced poses.

The core of this course will revolve around three main themes: Arm Balance, Inversion, and Backbend. We will begin with foundational arm balance techniques to establish a strong upper body foundation for students. Then, we will delve into inversions and backbends, providing students with a comprehensive toolbox through systematic training to help them overcome the challenges of advanced poses and achieve new milestones in their yoga journey.

  • The foundational theory of advanced yoga poses
  • Techniques for building the required skills in balancing poses, with a focus on strengthening the arms
  • How to overcome practitioners' fear of Inversions
  • Enhancing balance, strength, and flexibility
  • Strengthening the necessary arm strength for inversion poses
  • Systematic practice of advanced poses

    Karen Dew 

    Karen Dew has been teaching yoga for over 20 years, starting in 1999. She is a highly experienced yoga teacher who has taught at various studios, including Living Yoga, MyYoga, Goji, and The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Yoga Studio. In 2008, she began serving as an instructor for RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) yoga teacher training programs, accumulating over 11 years of training experience. In 2010, she expanded her teaching to include prenatal yoga teacher training (RPYT) and has provided over 1500 hours of private instruction to pregnant women in Hong Kong.

    Karen has a passion for learning and has completed numerous training courses over the course of 20 years. She has studied with world-renowned yoga masters such as Paul Grilley, Ana T. Forrest, Alexander Medin, and Bikram Choudhury. Starting in 2005, she regularly traveled to India for practice, following students of Pattabhi Jois, including Guruji and R. Sharath Jois, who became her Gurus. After seven years of dedicated learning and annual visits to India, she received recognition as one of Hong Kong's few certified Ashtanga yoga teachers.

    Her teaching philosophy emphasizes experiencing yoga through practice and adapting teaching to accommodate different body conditions, ensuring that everyone can benefit from yoga. This approach allows students to understand the profound aspects of yoga. "Back to the Source" reflects her commitment to delving deep into learning from various sources because each teacher has unique insights and wisdom. Her dedication to lifelong learning extends beyond physical postures and enriches her teaching with profound life lessons that greatly benefit her students.



Conditions of participation:


    **You must have already graduated with a 200-hour registered Yoga Alliance school in order to participate in this program. This course needs to be finished within 3 years.