Wheel Yoga Training


14 Hours Wheel Yoga Training                          





  • US Yoga Alliance CEU (Continue Education Unit) Course
  • 24/4/2022, 1,2,8/5/2022 (Sun) 5:30pm-9:00pm
  • Early-Bird $2980 before 1/4/2022
  • Orginal Price :$3980
  • Cantonese


Course Description:

- How to use and do poses with wheel correctly; coordination and related theory 

- Asana poses, technical practice and variations with yoga wheel

- Analysis of mechanics and asana:  how to Increase the function of balance and stability 

- To introduce how to use yoga wheel to experience new body movement; to discuss the possibility of using different ways and the balance of strength and flexibility 

Yoga wheel helps to increase the asana difficulty in backbend, inversion, balance, and load. It also strengthens the more challenging asanas, finding the power of stability in balancing poses.

**full attendance and completion of course are required to attain a certificate for the 14-hour Wheel Yoga Training Course from Hong Kong Yoga Academy.