Japan Yoga Retreat 2023





  • Osaka Yoga Retreat With Chris Su
  • Date : 1 - 5 / 7 / 2023
  • Hotel : Hikone Castle Resort & Spa
  • Weather:22°- 29°
  • Tour Fee:$11370 (Registration is only available before 18 May 2023)
  • Direct Flights:HK Express , Cathay Pacific, HK Airline
  • Fees Included: Hotel (single room), Breakfast, Dinner, Transportation, Yoga Practice
    (Please bring your own Yoga Mat, Yoga Strap, and Yoga Block)

Before 18/5/2023 $11370  Contact Us     Flight Tickets     


About The Trip:

During this time of uncertainty, Yin Yoga has been a sacred temple. To have time to let go of your mind and all the worries, come back to the body, and feel within. Yin Yoga allows you to cultivate mindfulness in your body, feel the Earth underneath you, and release all the tension that you usually accumulate in your body and mind. Yin Yoga allows you to be more present, to appreciate the HERE & NOW.

Whatever your levels of yoga experience, this retreat will include twice daily yoga, which in itself will reset and reboot in an ambient setting that lets your body and mind achieve a complete relaxation. From practice yoga in a temple, take a deep breath and dive into your Zen moment.