200 hours Yoga Alliance Teacher Training

200 hours Yoga Alliance Teacher Training




Hong Kong Academy is a nationally recognised Yoga Alliance Registered Teaching School & Training Program in Hong Kong for both current & aspiring teachers, and for serious students wishing to deepen their understanding of Yoga philosophy & techniques. In this comprehensive certification program you will learn the art and craft of teaching Yoga to students of all ages and levels of ability. Upon completion, you will be certified to teach professionally and eligible to join the Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher at 200-hour level. The Yoga Alliance has recognised, Hong Kong Academy as one of HK’s premium yoga training teacher schools. 

 Hong Kong Academy stems organically from many years of teaching experience and training dozens of Yoga teachers. The curriculum we have developed comes from studying different Yoga traditions to give you a broader picture of how to practice and teach. The course is intended to deepen each student’s personal practice as the foundation for teaching others, so a strong emphasis will be on developing and maintaining your own practice. 

 Our Style of teacher training yoga, is presented with an emphasis on precise mechanical alignment and effective sequencing. Hong Kong Academy offers a blend of teachings from different Yogic traditions and understandings so that students are directed in different practices & customs. We are extremely fortunate to have gathered so many expert teachers into one program, and to have such a lovely spiritual space in which to practice and study. 

 Our highly trained teachers have well over 100 years of combined teaching experience, and each is an expert in their field. We offer the most experienced and highly-trained faculty in the area who have been training Yoga teachers and Yoga studio owners for years.

 Our Teacher Training courses are very affordable, also if you are working or have a busy and hectic home life, we offer flexible schedules to fit around your lifestyle, Hong Kong Academy courses and scheduling are perfect for you, on becoming a Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher. 

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Part 1.  Yoga philosophy 30 hours

Yoga Alliance certified teacher training provides a solid foundation to teach yoga, inspire others and deepen your own personal practice. The focus of this course is to provide students with applied knowledge of Yoga exploring the deep origin and history of yoga on a philosophical basis, meaning of the classical yoga class: Yoga sutra, 8 limbs of yoga, What they mean and implemented in yoga practice, We will discuss other important texts of yoga Sutra, and find the true meaning of practicing yoga according to the scriptures.and assists with a deep focus on yoga philosophy. This course will help you to bring out your creativity, to find your voice and to give you the confidence to teach, educate and inspire students from a powerful yoga foundation. This training is appropriate for the serious student who would like to start teaching yoga, as well as the student who would like to deepen their own knowledge & personal practice. You will come away with a deeper understanding of philosophy and spiritual side of yoga that combines together to create an exceptional Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher.

Our professional course instructors are committed to maximizing every student's yoga awareness and advanced practice through this practical teacher training journey to maximize the potential of each individual student.

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Part 2.  Yoga Anatomy 30 hours


The course is designed to avoid long-winded anatomical nouns and learn relevant knowledge based on yoga practice so that students can practice yoga from a scientific point of view and avoid yoga injuries.Each person's body structure is different, your posture and the usual habit of sitting and walking posture will affect your muscles and bones differently, so not a standard or method can be suitable for everyone to practice in the same yoga class. It is very dangerous to practice yoga by using simply imitation or blind practice. You should have sufficient analytical skills and physical muscular function when you teach or practice in advanced yoga class as a professional yoga teacher. Learn to practice correctly and effectively which can also help self and others to avoid injuries.

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Part 3. Teaching Skills & Sequencing 30 hours

INFORMATIVE: Where the teacher designs the format and sets the pace of the class, is the most popular form of yoga because it is:
the teacher can create the space to explain the form of the postures, Asanas and their interconnectedness. 
VERSATILE: a sequence can be personalised for body type, skill level, and intended effect especially so for a self-practice or private lesson. One can teach variations of postures, put together a sequence that addresses specific skill sets and practice goals, create classes suitable for those with hyper mobility who need to build strength and stability, as well as for those whose practices are limited due to their lack of range.
PROGRESSIVE: one can incorporate techniques from other disciplines, One reason why today's top practitioners are stronger and more skilled than previous generations of yogis is because they share information and collaborate with people from other disciplines.  yoga may also transcend some of the pitfalls of traditional yoga, the dogmatic adherence to a set sequence that may or may not serve practitioners in the short or long term—the repetition of postures that destabilises certain body types, and immobilises others. It may also keep boredom at bay.
CREATIVE: not only may teachers explore their own creative abilities, but they may leave room for students to make their own creative choices. This training will set you apart as a teacher, provide you with endless practice insights, and refresh your experience of yoga overall. Expect to become a more capable practitioner, to renew your enthusiasm for learning, and to make a thoughtful contribution to the tradition of vinyasa yoga!
Course Format
In this training we will analyse, physically practice, and practice teaching multiple approaches to sequencing:
Peak pose sequencing, where each posture builds upon the last leading towards some ultimate peak posture that requires a relatively high level of skill, range, or strength.
Wholistic sequencing, where one pose balances, compliments, or counter poses the one prior, with the goal of addressing the needs of the entire body.
Choreographed sequencing, where fluid movement and pacing are emphasised more so than individual postures.
We will also discuss strategies to avoid the typical shortcomings of popular vinyasa yoga such as:
• The destabilising and or burnout effect of many Peak Pose formats.
• Tetris sequencing, where teachers attempt to fit in as many postures as pop into their heads, which often amount to random efforts that lead to injury and/or stagnation.
Course Aims and Learning Outcomes
You will complete this course with the ability to:
•Formulate a practice according to your own postural needs and develop the skills that you want to include in your practice in a progressive and methodical way.
Sequence a group class thoughtfully, constructively, and creatively.
• Know the difference between sequencing and choreography, and use them artfully and in a correct way.
• Teach a private lesson that is both safe and specific to your clients’ needs. 
• Develop the ability to lead yourself through a complete and satisfying yoga practice, and take your practice wherever you go!   
• Learn effective and progressive approaches to sequencing and develop your voice to lead Studio, group and private yoga lessons. 
• Learn to place your postures and cues in a special way that serves your students, and leaves them both inspired and informed after your class.
• Learn creative and constructive sequences: salutations, standing, sitting, forward, back, up, down, and around.
-Develop a bulletproof class plan that can serve as a blueprint for your signature teaching style.

Part 4. Core Courses (Morning intensive / Enhance+ Teaching Practice) 110 hours 


Part 4 course includes a 60-hour morning intensive scheduled on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6:45 to 8:45 am to help students establish a regular practice habit of teaching, helping you to find joy in your practice at a pace, more important that is convenient for you and your learning. 
The course offers bringing continuous teaching we might very well end up exacerbating or at best ignoring the very weaknesses that we and teach students brings to the mat. Combine this with our current obsession with images of extreme flexibility and range of movement, and we run the risk of doing ourselves more harm than good. Make no mistake, big ranges of motion require a corresponding level of strength in order to keep you and your students joints healthy and to avoid injury. With time and endurance, you will see the difference in your body, as it becomes more toned and firm. As our body gets stronger, so will our minds. We will not be easily shaken up or thrown out of balance with mundane situations and events.Thus the key to a stronger and more powerful body and mind becoming more powerful, toned and, eventually, stronger, For your daily yoga routine of practice and teaching.
Also the course teaches yoga props, which can make the difference between an uncomfortable practice and a fully engaged session for beginner yoga students. Props are essential for practitioners, who may be holding postures for minutes at a time, in the best possible alignment. For those students who are less flexible, using props ensures correct, safe positioning. Learning the best ways of using within teaching, yoga tools such as used mats, blocks, straps and bolsters, on getting the most out of your equipment on teaching.
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